ClearEdge3D has a track record of technological innovation and thought leadership in the Automated Feature Extraction, laser scanning and 3D modeling space. The ClearEdge3D management team has more than fifty-five years’ experience creating software that solves problems for customers

Rithm for Autodesk® Navisworks®

Rithm for Navisworks analyzes laser scan data of wet or dry concrete, conducting automatic FF/FL analysis and producing industry-compliant reports within minutes. This solution provides near real-time insights into deviations in flooring, walls, and beams, ensuring projects adhere to schedules. With swift and accurate analysis, Rithm facilitates efficient monitoring and decision-making, contributing to the timely completion and success of construction projects.

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Verity compares laser scans to any 3D Navisworks model, ensuring accurate quality assessments. It allows checking 100% of installed work in the time of spot-checking 5%, with robust reporting options. Detailed reports can be sent to collaboration platforms like BIM Track™, Procore®, and Autodesk BIM 360™. Utilize Verity Web Reports, a web-based viewer, for stakeholders' easy access to models, point clouds, and reports on any mobile device.

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EdgeWise, an as-built modeling platform, employs advanced algorithms to automate scan-to-BIM workflows efficiently using AI. It rapidly models pipes, structural elements, ducts, walls, conduit, and cable trays from mobile and terrestrial point clouds, surpassing the speed of traditional manual techniques. This accelerates the process and enhances model accuracy, making EdgeWise a valuable solution for expeditious and precise as-built modeling in diverse applications.

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ClearEdge3D Tools for Revit

ClearEdge3D Tools for Revit provides purpose-built, user-friendly tools for seamless point cloud data management in Autodesk Revit. Enhance Revit's as-built modeling capabilities, unlocking heightened efficiency and productivity. With these specialized tools, effortlessly streamline the handling of point cloud data within the Revit environment, empowering users to achieve new levels of precision and ease in their modeling processes.

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