Phase One is a Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software. They manufacture open platform based medium format camera systems and solutions. Their own RAW processing software, Capture One, supports many DSLRs besides their backs

PAS 880

Phase One’s impressive PAS 880 large format nadir and oblique system comprises a 280MP nadir camera and four 150MP oblique cameras are integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric 2D and 3D digital imagery.

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PAS 280

With over 20,000 pixels across, and compact size and weight, the 280MP Aerial System (PAS 280) provides a higher return on investment compared to any other large-format aerial solution available on the market.

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150MP/100MP Aerial System

The 150MP/ 100MP Aerial Systems (PAS 150 MK2/ PAS 100 MK2) are based on the iXM-RS150F/ iXM-RS100F cameras. This systems come ready to work with a fully integrated iX Controller, stabilizer mount, and GPS/IMU equipment.

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P3 Payload

The Phase One P3 Payload provides a customizable solution for all your inspection needs. Choose your drone, your camera, and your lens, from our selection, to get all the finest details in one shot. Our iXM cameras are uniquely designed for UAVs and are fast, highly responsive, robust, and easily integrate with drones for diverse inspection and mapping missions. iXM cameras are available with a range of RSM lenses to ensure that your Phase One P3 Payload gives you the best image quality and performance.

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Phase One’s 280MP metric camera has dual 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information and providing superior image quality. The iXM-RS280F camera generates a central projection image from two 150MP nadir images with equal ground resolution. This large-format camera uses backside-illuminated CMOS sensors with a very high dynamic range at 83dB, enabling customers to fly more hours per day and achieve more flights per year..

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iXM-RS150F | iXM-RS100F

Phase One’s iXM-RS full frame 150MP and 100MP aerial cameras are available in RGB and Achromatic models. An ultra-high resolution, backside illuminated CMOS sensor, fast capture speed, enhanced light sensitivity, and RS leaf shutter, enable increased productivity for a wide range of aerial image acquisition projects. Phase One aerial cameras allow precise image quality across a large range of applications. iXM-RS cameras feature Phase One’s proven RS Lens Series, with nine field-replaceable focal length options ranging from 32mm to 300mm.

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iXM-100 | iXM-50

Cutting-edge medium format technology engineered for UAV-based imaging missions. The iXM 100MP and 50MP cameras incorporate medium format sensors with backside illumination (BSI) technology for improved highlight sensitivity and dynamic range. Phase One iXM cameras are fast, highly responsive, and robust and are available with a range of high-resolution lenses from 35mm to 300mm. The iXM cameras are easily integrated with UAVs for diverse inspection and mapping applications.

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With the increasing demand for combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery, Phase One has developed a fully automatic solution for capturing and processing 4-band imagery. The solution offers two high resolution Phase One aerial cameras specifically designed for the photogrammetric airborne market – for agriculture and forestry applications.

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