Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and local offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo and Denver. The company develops a line of end-to-end mapping solutions which convert images into georeferenced maps and models


Pix4Dmapper, the professional photogrammetry software that transforms your images into accurate and georeferenced digital spatial models. Using a desktop computer or the Pix4D cloud platform, automatically convert images taken by drone, by hand, or by plane into highly precise 2D maps and 3D models.

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Pix4Dfields is a product built from the input of farmers, agronomists and breeders to give you fast and accurate maps while in the field, with simple yet powerful interface fully dedicated to agriculture. One product for all of your drone-based agricultural workflows.

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Easily plan and execute your drone flight for mapping and 3D modeling. Free drone flight planning and image acquisition app with seamless integration to Pix4D photogrammetry software. Available for Android and iOS. Simple Workflow: Select a drone. Select a mission. Adjust the flight plan & parameters. Start & Fly. Check the results.

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Pix4Dsurvey bridges the gap between photogrammetry and CAD, expanding today's surveying possibilities. Pix4Dsurvey seamless merges photogrammetry point clouds and images, LiDAR and third-party point clouds in a single project. It offers optimized vectorization and the extraction of essential information such as bottom and top of curbs and catenaries with just a few clicks. Key outputs: CAD files.

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Designed for the public safety and emergency response sector, Pix4Dreact creates 2D maps from drone images. It is fast, easy to use, affordable, and lightweight enough to run on any laptop in the field. Pix4Dreact is designed to give emergency response teams the insights they need when they need them the most. Key outputs: 2D Orthomosaic, Markers, Measurements, PDF report.

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Automate industrial inspection and asset management with drone images to inspect your asset in context and in 3D with both the original images and a detailed model. Annotate and classify, take accurate measurements, and let our advanced AI help you in the inspection processes.

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