Bentley is a global leader dedicated to providing engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in over 50 countries, more than $600 million in annual revenues


SYNCHRO 4D, a leading modeling solution, transforms design models into construction models with advanced QTO, scheduling, and simulations. Plan, and track projects visually, identifying issues early. The immersive 4D environment reduces risks, avoids rework, and provides real-time progress updates and accurate scheduling.

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iTwin Capture

Reality modeling software enables users to create 3D models from photos or laser scans, producing highly detailed reality meshes for infrastructure projects. These models offer precise real-world context, developed affordably from ordinary camera photos or LiDAR point clouds, ensuring geometric accuracy.

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OpenCities Map

Efficiently document and model assets in a 2D or 3D geospatial environment. OpenCities Map products seamlessly and intuitively integrate with the most common spatial databases including Oracle Spatial, SQL Server Spatial, PostgreSQL (PostGIS), and Esri (FGBD, ArcGIS Server, and online). Establishing a single source of truth for your entire 2D and 3D dataset provides up-to-date data for everyone who needs access. Because every firm has different needs, there are three variations of OpenCities Map to choose from: OpenCities Map PowerView, OpenCities Map Advanced, OpenCities Map Ultimate.

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MicroStation, the exclusive CAD software for infrastructure design, empowers architects and engineers to realize their vision. Generate geospatially enabled 2D/3D drawings, ensuring timely and budget-friendly project delivery. Produce compliant documents for confident design communication and efficient stamping.

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RAM Connection

RAM Connection is steel connection analysis and design software for virtually any connection type. You can easily verify your connections in seconds, with comprehensive calculations. RAM Connection is proven to increase productivity with optimized workflows and full integration of 3D design models..

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AutoPIPE, an intelligent analysis and design app, calculates pipe stress, loads, and deflections under diverse conditions. With advanced automation features and unparalleled interoperability, it seamlessly integrates with other software applications, enhancing efficiency, and comprehensive solutions for pipe analysis and design.

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AutoPIPE Vessel

AutoPIPE Vessel: efficient vessel modeling software streamlining design, ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness under diverse conditions. Compliance with global standards, automated workflows, and collaboration features enhance efficiency, saving time and reducing errors in sharing comprehensive piping and structural data.

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STAAD is a popular structural analysis application known for analysis, diverse applications of use, interoperability, and time-saving capabilities. STAAD helps structural engineers perform 3D structural analysis and design for both steel and concrete structures.

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SACS, a specialized software for offshore structure analysis, caters to oil and gas platforms and wind farms. Primarily used for structural analysis, design, and optimization of various structures, including fixed and floating platforms, jackets, topsides, and subsea structures. Ensures safety, and integrity in harsh marine environments.

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ProjectWise, by Bentley Systems, streamlines project information management for engineering and construction. This software provides a centralized platform for storing, sharing, and managing project-related data, essential for successful project delivery in AECO industries.

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