YellowScan designs develops, and manufactures integrated UAV LiDAR systems for professional applications, offering comprehensive solutions with hardware, software, and services. Streamlining LiDAR data acquisition to enhance field productivity

YellowScan Fly & Drive

Fly when you can, drive when you must.Fly & Drive is a combo that can do mobile mapping & aerial survey using the same LiDAR (Surveyor or Surveyor Ultra). The setup consists of a car pod, adaptable bracket and GNSS antenna.

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Vx15 series

YellowScan designed an all-integrated, easy-to-use LiDAR system that includes the renowned Riegl laser scanner and Applanix UAV IMU APX-15. YellowScan Vx15 is an excellent solution for your high flight UAV projects with short-time data processing needs. It is ideally sized for all types of UAVs weighing 2.6kg including battery.

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Vx20 Series

YellowScan Vx20 is the most accurate fully integrated system from YellowScan’s product range. It can fly up to 100m while maintaining accuracy of 5cm with precision of 1cm throughout the point cloud with 90° FOV .The Vx20 series is ideally suited for applications that requires sharp and accurate descriptions.

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YellowScan Surveyor

YellowScan Surveyor provides a 360° Field of View with its Velodyne VLP-16 laser scanner. It is the right solution for horizontal, vertical mapping and mobile mapping, when associated to Fly&Drive.

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YellowScan Surveyor Ultra

YellowScan Surveyor Ultra LiDAR system is suited for high speed UAV (VTOL fixed-wing or helicopter) and long-range needs due to its high-density specifications. With the 360° Field of View of the Velodyne VLP-32 laser scanner, YellowScan Surveyor Ultra is matching vertical mapping and mobile mapping needs when combined with Fly&Drive.

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