GIS Services

1. Data Conversion and Integration (CAD to GIS, BIM to GIS)

Leveraging ArcGIS and Data Interoperability, we accurately convert CAD and BIM data into GIS-compatible formats. Our expertise ensures seamless integration, enabling in-depth analysis, urban planning, and facility mapping. By converging diverse data, we empower informed decision-making for collaborative projects.

2. Spatial Data Management

Utilizing ArcGIS platform, we efficiently manage spatial data, ensuring scalability and accessibility. Our robust data management practices maintain data quality, versioning, and geodatabase organization for seamless operations.


3. Indoor Mapping

With ESRI's ArcGIS Indoors, we enable indoor mapping solutions for complex facilities. Our expertise in utilizing indoor mapping APIs facilitates detailed floor plans, asset tracking, and navigation within buildings, enhancing operational efficiency.


4. Remote Sensing and Imagery Processing

Leveraging ESRI's Image Analyst and ArcGIS Image Server, we conduct advanced remote sensing analysis. Our capabilities include image classification, change detection, and spectral analysis for informed decision-making.


5. Web Mapping and Visualization

Using ArcGIS Online, we create compelling web mapping applications. Our expertise lies in crafting interactive maps, dashboards, and geospatial visualizations for intuitive user experiences online.